The people protest with this meme!

The meme says: “Don´t forgive and don´t forget.  César Vásquez is a killer.  Ezequiel Mendoza… We are present with you!  Apparently César Vázquez in the local mayor.

As reported by the following news. Police kill another in Tipitapa which is a municipality in greater Managua, Nicaragua.

Picture from Reuters of the locals looking into his casket.–RC17EC2531D0.html

According to locals he was just there taking a video along with other!  He was picked out to be shot by the police. Needless innocent blood spilled.

I am told by my friends in Nicaragua the more than 80% of the Nicaraguan People want Daniel Ortega and his wife, the “Chayo” or as many call her, the “witch”, his vice-president to go!

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