Today the U.S. and the world are suffering grievously from a cart-before-the-horse mentality when it comes to how central banks approach money.

Source: Why The Federal Reserve Must Go — And Will

Central banks are not a solution they are and always have been one of the central problems of humanistic immoral manipulation of currency. Fractional reserve banking is simply put legalized counterfeiting and robbery. According to Rousas John Rushdoony  in God, The Devil and Legal Tender and I quote: It was the lexicographer and Calvinist Noah Webster who spoke most bluntly. In 1790, Webster called a tender law “the devil.” He warned, “My countrymen, the devil is among you.” Of legislators who favored legal tender laws, he said that honest men should exclaim, “You are rogues, and the devil is in you!” Legal tender laws, he pointed out, were the preliminary to adulterated money, and all those who favored them were counterfeiters, deserving of the gallows, or at least the whipping post!

Other great references on Money and Banking are:

  1. The Creature from Jekyll Island   by G Edward Griffin
  2. Honest Money and Banking by Dr. Gary North. This link goes directly to the pdf download of the book!
  3. The Triumph of Gold by Charles Rist. This is a classical work and worth downloading. Revolutionary in a Keynesian fiat money world!
  4. End the Fed by Ron Paul.  A modern day prophet of economic ethics in Government.
  5. A Genuine Gold Dollar versus the Federal Reserve by Murray Rothbard
  6. And many many more can be found at
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