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Female Muslim Judge Sworn in on a Qur´an

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When there is absolutely, I say absolutely, no possibility of  the Constitutionally based Law system of the United States, drawn out of the basically Christian world view consensus of it´s day and Islamic Shariah Law living or working in harmony, since the two are legally TOTALLY antithetical, the one of the other.  In spite of this logical fact, our now fiat based law mentality founded on the shifting sands of the secular humanist religion, is now inanely  swearing in public officials and judges on the Qur´an to uphold the law and the constitution.  I wonder if  Islamic  Taqiyya would permit Muslim politicians and judges to openly lie in such swearing in ceremonies in order to fulfill Islamic jihad which is a law and command for Muslims more ultimate and superior to western Kafir law? Make no mistake, all law is based upon a religion or creed and that, inescapably so! The question is always and ever which is the religion behind the law. Law can´t ever be neutral in it´s relation to religion. Religious pluralism is just an excuse for slipping in another god different than the original dominant God. In this case the Judeo-christian God of the Bible is the original God, and now a false humanist statist idol (Baal) has been slipped in.


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