Islamic State executes another Copt in Libya?

Source: Islamic State in West Africa slits the throats of 16 Christian fishermen

It´s very important to keep in mind that almost no western reporters have pointed out that the misnamed or so called Islamic State is not a state at all. The modern concept of state came from the treaty of Westphalia at the end of the thirty years war and is a protestant concept that comes from the Bible. It is conceptually contrary to the concept of Empire (Holy Roman Empire) or Caliphate, another form of empire. That is why many catholic theologians and liberal theologians are against modern nationalism. They say that nationalism is the root of why Germany produced a Nazi ultra nationalist regime. That is a false analysis and is due rather to the secularization and rejection by modern statism of the protestant concept of nation-state.  That is important to point out. Calling ISIS, ISIS just legitimizes their non state as a state and once again re-defines a term that was hard one by Biblical Christianity. Once again state can become empire due to our own sloppy definitions.

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