Turkey uses the Islamic State as excuse to attack Kurds Iran decries as

Source: Imam at Boston jihadis’ mosque: “Islam literally means a practice of peace”

Does it mean peace?  No, it means submission.  The peace supposedly comes to those who submit. Now we must remember in our Dumbed Down Dhimmi (DDD) western policially correct secular humanist postmodern worldview that there are basically two groups of people for Islam. according to their own scholars: Dar al Salam (this means the house of peace. The implication is that it means peace for Muslims. But Islam´s own house is rarely peaceful since they kill each other more than they kill Jews and Christians) and Dar al Harb (the house of war. That is all other peoples and religions. Jews and Christians, supposedly get a little bit better status since they are “Ahl al-Kitab”: People of the Book.  But in the end we too either must submit, that is become a Muslim,  be killed or pay the Jizya, tax levied on all none Muslim peoples under the Khalifah).

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