Dr. Vern Sheridan Poythress professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminister Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  has done it again! Another in his series of “Redeeming…. whatever!”  Poythress is just working out the logcial  consequences of truly Biblical thought as seen in Calvin and Van Til. “All authority is given unto me in heaven and earth…” (Mathew 28:18). We should all be striving to bring every thought into the obedience of God´s Word and King, Jesus the King. (2 Cor. 10: 3-6)

He has already published works with such varied titles and themes as 1) Redeeming Philosophy, 2) Redeeming Science, 3) Redeeming Sociology, 4) Logic, A God Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought, 5) In the Beginning Was the Word: Language-A God Centered Approach (2009 Crossway Books). We could say redeeming linguistics, 6) Chance and the Sovereignty of God: A God Centered Approach to Chance and the Sovereignty of God.

This dear brother is a prolific writer and thinker in multiple dimensions and fields of study. A true Biblical Renaissance man.  We are thankful that God is raising up such Christian thinkers.  Finally, Christian thinkers are showing that God and His Word command all of life and thought and in the end if we are to know anything truly we can only know it because of God and His nature and the nature of a “created universe.”

His latest book Redeming Mathematics, is based upon the Biblical Philosophy of the “one and the many”,  the Divine Trinity in heaven and it´s reflection in the earthly “one and the many”  as the necessary foundations for mathematics to even work!

This should be a great read! 51Q-+EBSiKL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_



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