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Teología y Filosofía

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Welcome to another session of the Shepherd´s Staff Podcast” Episode Number  4 of the  Introductory Series on Biblical Hermeneutics” given on  Friday the 20th of June, 2014. 

In this lesson we look at the first four of seven periods of the history of Biblical Hermeneutics.

  • I) Jewish Hermeneutics (457 BC – 20?? AD)
  • II) Apostolic Hermeneutics (Jesus and His Apostles) (26 AD – 95 AD)
  • III) Patristic Hermeneutics (95 AD – 600 AD)
  • IV) Medieval Hermeneutics (600 – 1517 AD)
  • V) Reformation Hermeneutics (1517 – 1600 AD)
  • VI) Post-Reformation Hermeneutics (1600 – 1800 AD)
  • VII) Modern Hermeneutics (1800 – 20?? AD)

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