This seems amazing at first glance. But if we understand that there is nothing, absolutely nothing neutral in the universe. Not even one single atom o sub atomic particle. All is absolutely creation of God and therefore related to God directly as creator. All other relationships are derivative from God.

We understand that as certain philosophies, worldviews and religions take a culture captive or indeed liberate it unto the liberty of the son´s of God the language that that people uses is transformed. The Chinese language many many centuries ago passed a period of existentialist philosophy. The language was transformed by this encounter. You cannot learn Hindi without someway being impacted by the Hindu philosophies behind the language.

During the communist era in Russian certain party linguists were working hard to change the grammar and linguistics of the language to little by little cut the people off from their Christian past and thereby help the new Marxist Man come to fruition. This project though not completed is well known. One theologian who spoke fluent Armenian noted that he no longer understood much of the speaking of his people in Armenia. The reason he discovered in the Communist project to transform the language and cut the people off from their Christian past.

The original Webster´s dictionary was profoundly impacted by Christian definitions and religious philosophy. That dictionary was not a neutral project from a religious perspective. So we see that world view, philosophy and religion can impact a language for good or for evil. Christianity transforms languages and make them more open and create a propensity for liberty and free thinking under God. When those cultures transformed by the liberty of God´s Holy Spirit begin to rebel against God then that liberty destroy the liberated and bring them again into some form of slavery. Right now the West is moving into a totalitarian and extreme statist phase. It is loosing it´s liberties because it is using it´s liberty as an occasion for the flesh (Galatians 5:13)

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